Our Portfolio

Portfolio selected projects:

Church Planter Profiles:

Church Planter Profiles seeks to help match church organizations with grants and funding to motivated individuals who desire to start their own church.

Aphion Inc helped to develop and integrate a comprehensive online analysis tool which made use of multiple third party data sources. Some features Aphion developed for this site include:

  • Comprehensive User management module.
  • Direct integration with third party data sources using various APIs.
  • Dynamic on-demand reporting and graphical analysis.
  • Dynamic PDF generation.
  • Custom online survey and analysis tools.

Artwrite Productions:

Author Jerry Tiller came to Aphion to create a simple one page static web site. With a target market of 10 - 14 year old readers, Aphion worked with Mr. Tiller to come up with a design that would directly appeal to his target audience.

By using the latest web standards, and close attention to current design methodologies, Aphion was able to create a visually appealing site with that loads in under 15 seconds on a dial-up connection.

Other projects:

In addition to the featured projects above, we've also worked on the following:

Church Planter Profiles

Online assessment tool for church funding. Technologies used: LAMP, CakePHP, MySQL, Third party API

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Your List Online

Online wish list service built on CakePHP with integration into multiple third party systems.

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